The Aviation Photo Company | Monthly Photo List


Our monthly Photo List is the centerpiece of our business and has been published since 1969. Every month we produce a brand new list containing a wide variety of aviation images stretching from the early 20th century right up to the present day. Each list contains around 2000 images of both military and civil aviation photographs available to purchase in two different sizes (6"x4" and 7.5"x5"). It is published both in paper format and right here on our website and the photos can be ordered either through the website or using the order forms that come with each list.

The closing date for each monthly list is the 20th of the month, after which date a new list will be published. Orders placed for the list will be sent out in the last week of the following month - so if you place your order on October 17th your photos will be dispatched in the last week of November. We understand that this is a somewhat longer delivery time than some may be used to but it allows to both consistently deliver the highest quality of photographs whilst keeping the cost of the photographs to a minimum by printing and dispatching in bulk rather than a bit at a time.

The online ordering system for the photo list is no longer available. If you with to place an order you can download copies of the latest list in either PDF or Excel format below. To order either fill in and return the order form in the PDF list or simply email us at with the details of what you want to order (catalogue number, serial/registration and size) and then we can arrange the most convenient payment method for you.


List 514 PDF - Closing Date for Orders 20.07.18 / Photos sent out by 20.07.18

List 514 Excel - - Closing Date for Orders 20.07.18 / Photos sent out by 20.08.18

List 515 PDF - Closing Date for Orders 20.08.18 / Photos sent out by 20.09.18

List 515 Excel - Closing Date for Orders 20.08.18 / Photos sent out by 20.09.18