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Mauritanian Air Force Short Skyvan 5T-MAN (1981)Short Skyvan G-ASZJ (1988)Questor Surveys Short Skyvan C-GDRGShort Skvvan G-ATPG (1967)Omani Air Force Short Skyvan (1976)Mexican Air Force Short Skyvan TP-0215 (1979)Mexican Air Force Short Skyvan TP-215/XC-UTN (1992)Del Air Short Skyvan N20CK (1972)Short Skyvan G-AVJXAustrian Air Force 3 Wing Short Skyvan 5S-TB (1976)Short Skyvan G-AWSG (1970)Short SC.7 Skyvan 1A G-ASCN (1964)Short Skyvan 9M-AXC (1979)Short Skyvan G-AXFI at Los Angeles IAP (1970)Cherokee Airlines Short Skyvan N732R (1968)Summit Airlines Short Skyvan N10DA (1976)Short Skyvan G-BJDC prior to delivery to the Nepalese Army Air Service (1984)Short Skyvan G-BKME (1985)Short Skyvan G-BKMF (1985)Short SC.7 Skyvan Skyliner G-BKMD (1986)

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