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US Army Sikorsky H-19A Chickasaw 52-7607 (1967)USAF Sikorsky H-19D Chickasaw 53-4456USAF 67 ARS Sikorsky SH-19A 52-7529 at PrestwickUnited Nations Sikorsky H-19D 75939 in Congo (1960)US Navy Sikorsky CH-19E Chickasaw 129027 at Moffett FieldUS Army Sikorsky UH-19B Chickasaw 56-1525 (1969)Royal Canadian Navy Sikorsky H-19 305 on board HMCS Bonaventure (1968)US Army Sikorsky H-19B Chickasaw 56-4257 (1969)Danish Air Force Sikorsky S-55C S-883 at Tune (1979)US Army California ArNG Sikorsky UH-19B Chickasaw 56-1556 (1966)US Army Sikorsky SH-19B Chickasaw 56-1520 (1966)French Army Sikorsky H-19A "CUZ" (1975)US Army New Jersey ArNG Sikorsky H-19D Chickasaw 55-3191 (1971)Greek Air Force 357 Mira Sikorsky H-19D 949 (1970)French Army Sikorsky H-19 "MST" (1989)South Korean Air Force Sikorsky UH-19D 86203 preserved at Seongmu (2015)Ecuadorian Air Force Sikorsky S-55 FAE27536 (2014)US Navy Sikorsky CH-19E 130151 stored at MASDC Davis Monthan (1978)USAF Sikorsky H-19B 53-4426 at the SAC Museum Offutt AFB (1978)USGS Sikorsky H-19B 52-7537 at the Pima County Museum (1984)

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