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US Army Florida ArNG Beech U-8D Seminole 57-3085 at MASDC Davis MonthanUS Army Beech U-8D Seminole 58-3089 (1979)US Army New York ArNG Beech U-8F Seminole 60-5380 (1979)US Army Colorado ArNG Beech U-8D Seminole 56-3700 (1978)US Army Beech U-8D Seminole 57-6043 (1977)US Army Beech RU-8D Seminole 58-3060 (1977)US Army Beech RU-8D Seminole 58-1340 (1977)US Army Beech U-8F Seminole 61-2429 at Bonames AAF (1966)US Army Air Defense Command Beech U-8F Seminole 62-3837 (1972)US Army Georgia ArNG Beech U-8D Seminole 58-3074 at MASDC Davis Monthan (1978)US Army Beech U-8D Seminole 58-1361 (1966)US Army Berlin Brigade Beech U-8F Seminole 62-3856US Army Beech U-8D Seminole 57-6034 (1966)US Army California ArNG AVCRAD Beech U-8F Seminole 62-3850 (1991)US Army 56th Aviation Company Beech U-8F Seminole 61-2428 (1962)US Army Beech U-8F Seminole 60-3459 (1988)US Army 56th Aviation Company Beech U-8F Seminole 62-3843 (1976)US Army Mississippi ArNG Beech U-8F Seminole 62-3840 (1986)US Army Nebraska ArNG Beech U-8F Seminole 62-3868 (1986)US Army Beech U-8D Seminole 58-1347 (1975)

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Guestbook for L-23/U-8 Seminole (Beech)
Ron F(non-registered)
Let me try to clarify, since I didn't do a good job on the above entry. I appears that the aircraft, tail number 21058 is a C-12, not RU-21J.
Ron F(non-registered)
Hi Love the pictures, but I think the aircraft tail number 21058 is actually a C12, not an RU-8J as marked indicated. Am I wrong?
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