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Air Ministry captured Luftwaffe Dornier Do217M-1 AM-107/6158 (1945)RAF Captured Messerschmitt Bf109E AE479RAF Messerschmitt Bf109E AE479Captured Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Me262 VK893 (1971)German Air Force captured Dornier Do217M AM107 in RAF marksCaptured Italian Air Force FIAT CR.42 BT474Captured Messerschmitt Bf109E DG200 Air to AirCaptured Messerschmitt Bf110C-5 AX772 Air to AirCaptured German Air Force Messerschmitt Bf109C-14 VD364/P operating with 1426 FlightCaptured German Air Force Dornier Do217M-1 AM107/6158 (1945)Captured German Air Force Fiesler Fi156C-1 Stork AM99/VD-TD (1945)Captured German Air Force Heinkel He162A-2 AM61/120072 (1945)Captured German Air Force Junkers Ju88A-6/U AM112/1H-MNCaptured German Air Force Messerschmitt Bf110G-4 AM-30/730037 (1945)Captured German Air Force Arado Ar232B-0 AM-17/A3+RB (1945)Captured German Air Force Messerschmitt Bf109G-2 RN228 Air to AirCaptured German Air Force Arado Ar234B-2 AM-226Captured German Air Force Heinkel He111H-1 AW177Captured German Air Fore Heinkel He111H in 260 Squadron marksCaptured German Air Force Heinkel He177A-5 TS439 Air to Air

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