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RNZAF CFS Victa Airtourer CT-4 NZ1760 (1982)Singapore Air Force Victa Airtourer B558 prior to deliverySingapore Air Force Victa Airtourer B559 prior to deliveryVicta Airtourer 85T VH-FMM (1961)RAAF CFS Victa Airtrainer CT/4A A19-061 (1980)RAAF PAC Airtrainer CT/4A A19-029 (1993)RNZAF FTW Victa Airtrainer CT/4B NZ1941 (1980)RNZAF FTW Victa Airtrainer CT/4B NZ1932 (1980)RAAF 1 FTS Victa CT-4A Airtourer A19-037 (1990)RNZAF Victa Airtourer NZ1763 (1978)Glos Air Ltd Glos-Airtourer Super 150/T5 G-AZBE (1985)Thai Air Force Victa Airtourer 1909 (1989)Victa Airtourer VH-MTK (1965)RAAF Victa Airtourer CT-4A A19-049 (1991)RAAF 1 FTS Victa Airtourer CT-4 A19-054 (1977)Victa Airtourer G-AZBE (1978)RAAF Victa Airtourer A19-060 (1988)

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