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Howard DGA-15P Cf-NTY at Prestwick (1971)Transcanada Pipelines Ltd Dassault Falcon 900 C-GTCP (1988)Conair Douglas DC-6A C-FCZZ (1988)Points of Call Canada Douglas DC-8-52 N4292P (1988)Rockwell 680T/V Aero Commander CF-SVJ (1967)Zoom Airlines Boeing 757-28A C-GTSN at Paris CDG (2007)Piper PA-18 Super Cub CF-GOJAir Canada Boeing 767-333(ER) C-FMXC (2007)Wardair Canada Boeing 747-133 C-FTOB at Prestwick (1987)Air Canada Cargo Express Douglas DC-8-73F C-FTIP at Prestwick (1987)Government of Quebec Hawker Siddeley HS125-1A C-FPQG (1985)Air Canada Lockheed Tristar C-GAGH (1986)Air Canada Lockheed Tristar C-FTNG at Prestwick (1987)Canadian-Vickers PBV-1 Canso A C-FJCV (1987)United Nations DHC-8-314 C-FUQZ at Prestwick (2018)Air Canada Boeing 787-9 C-FSBV (2018)Trans Capital Air/United Nations DHC-7-103 C-FPBJ at Prestwick (2018)TUI/Sunwing Airlines Boeing 737-8HX C-FLSW (2018)Air Canada Airbus A330-343 C-GFAJ (2007)Air Canada Lockheed Tristar C-GAGI at Prestwick (1987)

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