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Fairey FD.2 (Fairey Delta) WG774Royal Navy Fairey Fulmar N1854Royal Navy 815 Squadron Fairey Barracuda IIs on board HMS Illustrious (1948)Royal Navy Fairey Barracuda I P9652RAF Fairey Battle K4303RAF Fairey Fox I J8427Royal Navy Fairey IIIF X1182Royal Navy Fairey Fulmar I Z2126RAF Fairey Seal K3477Royal Navy Fairey Fleetwing N235RAF Fairey Gordon K1743RAF Fairey FD.2 WG777Royal Navy Fairey Spearfish RA363 (1948)Fairey Stooge UAV (1947)RAF Fairey Gyrodyne XJ389RAF Fairey Ultralight XJ924Royal Navy Fairey Barracuda TR.2 RJ905 (1950)RAF Fairey FD.2 Experimental Jet WG774RAF Fairey FD.1 VX350 Air to AirRoyal Navy CAD Fairey Firefly AS.6 WD918/FD204 Air to Air

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