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Bell 47G-5 D-HANAGreek Air Force 357 Mira Bell 47G 7973 (1996)Woods Helicopters Bell 47G VH-WHQ (1968)Bell 47G F-BBPYSpanish Air Force Esc 782 Bell 47G HE.7B-22/782-13 (1981)Bell 47J at Shoreham (1987)Bell 47G-2 F-BGSSAgusta-Bell 47G-2A I-ROGOGerman Air Force Bell 47G 74+15 (1973)German Air Force Bell 47G AS+388Yugoslavian Air Force Agusta-Bell 47J-2A Ranger YU-HAKItalian Air Force 4 Stormo Bell 47J MM80516/4-8RAI TV Bell 47J I-BORGRNZAF 3 Squadron Bell 47G NZ3710 (1980)RNZAF 3 Squadron Bell 47G NZ3706 (1980)Spanish Ministry of the Interior Bell 47J EC-AYA (1986)Spanish Interior Ministry Trafico Agusta-Bell 47J-3B-1 Ranger EC-AXE (1986)Spanish Interior Ministry Trafico Agusta-Bell 47G-3B-1 Bell 47G EC-DZK (1986)Italian Carabinieri Agusta-Bell 47J-3ASW MM90294/CC-1 (2007)Bell 47J-2 Ranger G-BFPP (1986)

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